Trends 2016

November 12, 2015

Trend research/development goes hand in hand with successful styling and plays a key role in pulling together creative concepts.  We invest time keying into trends that we see emulating and forming through culture, press days and private views.

Organic forms:

We have noticed there is a bold new wave of design emerging in interior’s: Organic forms. These softer edges are a welcome change and stand in contrast to the harsher mechanical forms we often see in traditional interior/product design.

A stand out piece and great example of this is the ‘Roly Poly Daybed’ by British designer Faye Toogood, which draws on spherical shapes for inspiration.

The daybed was recently showcased as part of an installation we press previewed called  ‘The drawing Room Collection’ at Somerset Houseas part of London Design Week 2015.  All of Faye’s pieces are handmade by traditional artisan’s and have a real honesty and rawness to them.

We particularly admired Faye’s limited edition ‘Pots’ collection for Tokyo’s E&Y gallery. The three vessels, each differing in proportion but unified by there rounded aesthetic, are made from dark Hagi stoneware and coated in a thick chalky white glaze.

Images from

A wonderful gallery that we admire and enjoy following the progression of is Willer, based on Holland Street in West London, they have an exceptional collection of beautifully crafted ‘Organic” objet for the home. The gallery represents a select group of creatives such a esteemed ceramicist; Paul Philip’s. Paul strives to create an atheistic in his pieces that appear “ to have been discovered rather than made”.

Images from Willer, Top image: Micheluzzi glass, Davolio ringed form, Philp pot and slab; Chadwick ltd. edition candelabra. Bottom image: Ceramics by Paul Philp.

Paul’s pieces have a sculptural feel and are reminiscent of the work’s from sculptural great, Constant Brancusi:

More visuals that are adorning our walls…….

Image above from Washed Space

Above image from Minimaliste.