Freedom to Exist

July 25, 2016

I was flattered to have recently been asked to become an ambassador to new watch brand ‘Freedom to Exist’.

The brand has been co-founded by 3 like minded London creatives who wanted to create timepieces free from fast fashion and passing trends. Products that honour the classic detailing that make vintage watches truly timeless.

“We believe freedom is the freedom to choose, to fall in love, to wear what you want, how you want to.

That’s why we created a collection of affordable, design led timepieces that celebrate our freedom to exist…” These are stocked at some of my favorite stores being   twentytwentyone, Scp, Skandium. If you would like to purchase one and you  love the design then please use the code :Greyhouse20 for 20% off these stunning pieces.

Here is the 30edition in black and gold watch which I choose  to shoot on the knock out table from friends and founders for the dynamic graphic shapes on our recent shoot.