Milan Design Week 2018 – A Guide to Salone del Mobile

April 11, 2018

Another season passes and the interiors world find themselves fast approaching Milan’s famed  design and furnishing fair; Salone del Mobile. A week that promises pop-ups, parties and events brimming with inspiration and an indication of what the design year will have ahead. With exciting projects underway and other destinations taking precedence, we sadly miss out on the Milano madness, however, we’ve pinpointed the makers, designers and destinations that we would recommend making a beeline for:


If there’s one showcase not to be missed, it would be the ever decadent Dimore Studio who will be curating three separate events this year. Firstly on Via Solferino 11, they will be presenting an installation of 20th-century design, as well as showcasing its new pieces from the Progetto Non Finito and Oggetti collections in the same location. Most excitingly, next door they will be taking over and filling six shop front windows in an installation named ‘Limited Edition’ where Victorian items will be deconstructed and updated with contemporary materials and lacquers. A perfect representation of how they combine historical design with modern techniques in a most sophisticated manner.

Image from Dimore Gallery

Find them at Via Solferino 11 and Via Solferino 12, 20120 Milan


Studiopepe, forged by Milanese creative directors and duo, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiari Di Pinto have created a Member’s Only club to last through the 10 days of Milan Design Week.
In a secret location, unexpected rooms ‘come undone’ in a bid to explore themes relating to hospitality. With a mixture of exclusive, taylor-made projects and re-editions of historical pieces, Club Unseen sets to be a continued narrative of last year’s project and cacophony of cool ‘The Visit’.

Design partners will include: Ceramica Bardelli, Dedar, Erich Ginder, Humble Matter, Pulpo and Saba Italia to name but a few.

By appointment only.


Norwegian Crafts, Design and Architecture Norway and Klubben come together to form Norwegian Presence, a group led by the concept of ‘Fellesskap’, meaning community, fellowship and collaboration- a philosophy we can get behind.

They will be showcasing several manufacturers, designers and craft artists demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between sculpture and functionality.

Collections of various pieces by Noidoi, Domaas/Hogh, Martin Solem, Sara Polmar, Stine Aas

Find them at Opificio 31 in Via Tortona 31, 20144 Milan


Last year we stumbled across the BDDW store and we haven’t looked back. Founded by Philadelphia based designer Tyler Hays, the space boasts beautifully painted ceramics that connote the classic designs of blue and white ware with a contemporary, simplistic approach. On the other end of the scale, he produces solid hardwood furniture, all of which is made in his studio, traditionally joined and of timeless design.

We would recommend visiting here around lunchtime and dine like a local in the untouched, authentic Italian eateries in the area.

Chairs and ‘Espresso Set 154’

Find them at Via Santa Marta 21, 20123 Milan


Described as “The Anna Wintour of design”, Rossana Orlandi‘s constant worldwide research has led her to become one of the most influential people in forecasting young, upcoming designers with her gallery housing many names to look out for during Salone del Mobile.

Originally a tie factory, her 19,000-square-foot space is a key destination during Design Week. At the heart, the overgrown courtyard plays house to the hubbub brought in by Design Week and acts as just the right environment to grab a glass of Aperol Spritz, people watch and catch up with the crowd. Arrive early evening and proceed into the night.

Whilst here, be sure to catch what Valerie_Objects and have on show…


Tableware aficionados Valerie_Objects present their new tabletop products at this year’s Salone del Mobile. They will be presenting cutlery by Müller van Severen within Galleria Rossana Orlandi, along with their ‘pepper and salt project’ in which they have called on five designers to create salt and pepper mills in their own distinctive aesthetic. Makers include some old hands (van Severen, Maarten Baas and Studio Wieki Somers), the globally renowned Japanese minimalist Nendo and some fresh faces in the form of Sigve Knutson and Thomas Ballouhey, who barely out of their mid-twenties “flirt with the codes of tools from the stone age”.

Consisting of two mills and three grinders, play who designed which.

Cutlery by Muller van Severen, 2018 via @vallerie_objet

London-based brand will once again be presenting their collection of contemporary, luxury designers’ pieces within the space, including the anticipated Ini Archibong’s somewhat nostalgic collection ‘Below The Heavens’, so we implore you to keep an eye out.

‘Below The Heavens’, Collection VI, by Ini Archibong for Sé

Find Valerie_Objects and at Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Via Matteo Bandello 14, 20123 Milan


Since 2014, London based online design emporium, Matter of Stuff have been an excellent platform for emerging contemporary creatives. We greatly anticipate their showcase ‘Transforming Matters’, in which they will present several of their designers work showing how the artists skills, combined with the nature of the ageing process transforms materials.

Contrast, by Moreno Ratti.

Veiled, by Olga Bielawska

Find them at Fiera Milano City, Viale Scarampo 2, Pad 03, Stall 0-09


Described as a “phantasmagorical palazzo”, design duo Gaelle Gabillet & Stéphane Villard have created an immersive installation for Serge Ferrari’s ‘Stamskin’ upholstery range. By dramatising and playing with colour, shape, texture and scale they entice you to enter their dreamlike world and reemerge creatively inspired.

Find them at Spazio Big Santa Marta, Via Santa Marta 10, 20123 Milan


The art of balance is just that when it comes to designing a mobile and it’s something that Michael Anastassiades has not only mastered but combined with functionality, proved within his Mobile Chandelier collection. While a firm lid has been kept on his new products, we look forward to seeing what he will have on offer at various showrooms across Milan.

Mobile Chandelier 11 and 13, 2017

Find pieces at B&B Italia, Via Durini 14; Cassina Showroom, Via Durini 16; Fantini Showroom, Via Soiferino 18, Milan


With a theatrical element seeming to be a theme at Milan Design Week 2018, it seems only right to see what magical installation COS have in store. Seven years and going strong, this season sees them teaming up with American artist Phillip K. Smith III. Together, they are set to create an environment where Italian renaissance architecture and sky meet the brand’s famous paired-back aesthetic. This will be a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in an entirely sensory experience. Escape the product overload of the week, allow yourself to digest everything you’ve seen so far and regather your headspace.

Find them at Palazzo Izombardi, Corso Monforte, 35, 20122 Milan


Not one to for-go and hailed as the meeting place of Salone del Mobile, Bar Basso brings in large numbers of the creative community to drink, divulge and discuss design. Stay here and swap stories until the early hours if you have any energy left!

Find them at Via Plinio, 39, 20020 Milan

By Rémy Mishon